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Japan, India Sign Free Trade Agreement Eliminating Most Tariffs Over Next Decade

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NEW DELHI—Japan and India signed a free trade agreement Feb. 16 in Tokyo that will remove or reduce tariffs on most of the goods and services traded between the two countries and eliminate them altogether in over the next decade.

China Becomes Africa’s Top Trading Partner, Poised to Become No. 1 Investor

January 5, 2011 by  
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ACCRA, Ghana—Throughout 2010, leading analysts predicted that China would overtake the United States as the number one investor in Africa this year.
While the prediction has yet to become a reality, China is now Africa’s largest trading partner with trade volumes between China and Africa increasing by 43.5 percent in the past 11 months to $114.8 billion, according to a white paper released by Beijing last month.

The white paper entitled China-Africa Economic Trade Cooperation, released in late December, provided a comprehensive summary of…