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China Reacts To Rising Inflation Numbers By Raising Bank Reserves Ratio Requirement

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A day after the release of new inflation data that show prices continue to rise faster than hoped, China’s central bank announced May 12 that it would require commercial banks to hold more cash in reserves.

Stronger U.S. Economic Recovery Forecast as Consumers, Businesses Loosen Pocketbooks

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The 18-month-old recovery will pick up in 2011, while larger-than-expected federal tax breaks enacted at the end of 2010 enhance the favorable outlook for the economy, according to forecasters surveyed by BNA.

As a result of lingering fallout from the severe recession that officially ended in mid-2009, however, growth will continue to be subpar compared with this stage of recovery in previous business cycles, analysts said.

The consensus forecast of the 25 economists, surveyed Dec. 4-14, calls for job gains to pick up this year after sluggish hiring during most of 2010, but the unemployment rate is expected to remain…

Under Basel III Package, Higher Levels of Common Equity Asked of Major International Banks by 2019

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GENEVA—Major international banks will have to raise some $220 billion in additional common equity in order to meet new requirements set out under the Basel III package of capital reforms due to enter into force in 2015, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision said Dec. 16.

In its Quantitative Impact Study, the Basel Committee said the cost of implementation would rise to $769 billion in additional capital if the minimum common equity ratio plus capital conservation buffer…